Be A Team Events

Be A Team Events launches tour events at the Nieuwkoopse Lakes. Experience is the slogan! We have plenty of opportunities to surprise you and to be entertained!

Special Event: Escape Tour at the Lake

The beautiful landscape, the fun events where you can move through the area in different ways, will let you discover special things Browse the different pages of this website to orient you on all possibilities which you may choose.

Have you ever been at the Nieuwkoop Lakes and its surroundings? It has a special history and is authentic in its shape. Through the cooperation of reed cutters, farmers and recreational organizations, the area is accessible to a diverse audience.

Find out who we are and discover the many possibilities to come here for a great day together in the nature of the Nieuwkoop Lakes.

Please contact us for any further questions for opportunities. We like to organize something wonderful for you and invite you here. Consider what you have in mind for that day and contact to agree and discuss what would be best. It is important to organise a beautiful day so everyone can look back later on a nice experience with each other so that you can be proud you arranged it.