Escape Boat Tour at the Lake

Are you in for something different? Go silent-sailing on a challenging tour? You and your group will be dared to demystify encrypted data. Secret codes need to be deciphered and will lead you and your company through the Nieuwkoop-reserve. Only by working together and building a special strategy you will be able to combine all the hints and unravel the secret. By reading the shiplog you can sort out how to sail this astonishing route. Enjoy the Nieuwkoop Lakes by exploring this beautiful area just using GPS and an electric whisper boat with this Escape Boat Tour.

What insights will help you to discover the solution? Will you be able to translate the codes? Can you succeed in opening the locks? Which number combination will help you on your way? Who will be able to find the essence of this mystery plot?

Resolve the blockages on your final goal. To achieve these special insights, everyone on board gets an important assignment. Having lots of fun is the leading task during this challenge! In the end, your friends and family will be pleased that you chose this activity.

On returning you will be welcomed back and during the prize-giving ceremony the winning boat will be publicly announced. Those boatmen will receive The Prize. Everyone participating will get a nice souvenir.

In case of extreme weather circumstances, we offer the possibility to choose a nice alternative: call us about this.

Did you ever experience visiting an Escape room? This Escape Boat Tour will be an exciting variation! The GPS Escape Boat Tour is a perfect way of teambuilding, in all facets. It is a fantastic team-outing or a wonderful and surprising day to enjoy with family or friends

This active cruise in a whisper boat with game element takes 3 hours (Tours with shorter time also possible). Different boat sizes.

The Escape Package is available in English, German and Dutch.

De Nieuwkoopse Plassen

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Possible up to 80 persons. Bigger group? Choose more activities.

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